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Testimonial - Holly Collins

"Taylor made Fitness has provided me with In-depth, holistic Personal Training Sessions. I have found the sessions to be tailored to my individual needs and abilities, and have always pushed me to my limits but exercises were never made so difficult that I could not do them. As a busy mum of 2 I was really nervous about getting back to the gym after over 2 years of walking to the fridge being my main form of exercise!! But Liberty Taylor always made me feel comfortable and at ease during every session he put my goals firmly within my reach. During difficult times he re-inspired me and brought back my motivation whenever it was lacking. I was taken through each exercise step by step so that I could complete them correctly and safely for maximum results. I feel that I was constantly provided with mental, physical and emotional support even when not in a session which I found to be crucial to me sticking to my plan. Nutritional Information is always given and discussed in great detail and at length with opportunity for me to ask questions at any time. The workouts are always fun and varied and After just 2 weeks my body shape was already changing noticeably and I had lost 9lbs. Liberty offers an absolutely excellent personalised service that I would recommend to anyone of any age, size and shape who want to become healthier, fitter, slimmer, more toned, or even completely change their body shape and lifestyle. I would rate this service 10/10."

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